Hold onto your flip flops, it’s gonna be a soppy post.

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Finn update is updated.

  • Isabella Davis is officially mine and the show is over so… you can all gtfo.
  • We are also married. Britney Spears married us in Vegas.
  • Izzy is also pregnant with 7 mini-Finns. They will all be called Elm. 

Thank you for your time. - xoxo Gossip Finn

Finn Hudson & v-necks


Oh! I like this game. Something that starts with Isa. Well see, I know something that starts with a Fiz. Are you sure you don’t mean that?:)

(You are perfect. Don’t question it.)

Fizzy cola bottles? I don’t see any…

You are perfecterest. Donut question anything I say. Unless it’s something stupid, then question it.

nowkiss-isabella asked: [text] Mhmmm. Well only if you want to. I mean, it's up to you of course.

[text] Only if I can keep you too? And on the subject of us, when are we meeting up again? 


You might! You could just be my spy….

Last time I checked it was you.

I spy with my little eye.. something beginning with Isa. 

Then last time you checked must have been a long time ago.

nowkiss-isabella asked: [text] Well I mean I don't have to keep you if you're busy. :|

[text] I think I can fit you keeping me in with the busy, busy schedule I have of annoying Yentirb and sending love emails to Britney Spears. 

posted 2 years ago


Oh, are we supposed to be spies? Is that what it is?

You are so perfect.

I’d never make a good spy…

Nope, that’s you.

nowkiss-isabella asked: [text] Can I keep you?

[text] For how long? I’ve got a schedule to keep to. 

posted 2 years ago